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ADVR is drawing to a close! ūüė¶ Our last meetings are:

GG Cluster: Thursday, November 10th

HH Cluster: Thursday, November 17th

Hope to see you all there!

University Hour Events

A Human Right to Reproductive Health, Wednesday, October 12th in the Women’s Center from 3-4 pm

Creating Change in Ourselves, Wednesday, October 19th in the SC Theater from 3-4 pm

ICYIZERE: HOPE Documentary, Wednesday October 26th in the SC Theater from 3 to 4 pm

Historian Beverly York, Wednesday, November 2nd in Shafer Hall from 3 to 4 pm

Wildlife Posters and Postage Stamps, November 9th in the Johnson Room (2nd floor of the library) from 3-4 pm



In our Q & A session with both clusters last week, I realized that you all have a lot of the same questions. Below are some of the most common “fears” or concerns you had about your college life and some links/phone numbers/websites/places on campus you can go to for more information or help.

1) College work is too hard- I won’t be able to cut it academically.

College work loads are a LOT larger and more difficult than high school work loads. Try to manage your time and get the most difficult and looming assignments out of the way. If you’re worried about your grades head to the Academic Services Center to find a tutor to help with ANY subject. For more info, visit this link.

2) College is so expensive- I can’t handle my finances.

There were a few questions concerned with scholarship money, how to find what is on your own account, and how to effectively manage what you have. Again, the Financial Aid Office has ALL the information you need about your finances. They are located in Wood Support Services. For more contact info visit the link.

3) I’m intimidated by professors and some of their teaching styles.

Professors are a lot different than high school teachers, but try¬†not to be too intimidated to ask for help. Professors want their students to do well and to come out of thier class having learned something.¬†We discussed¬†how to find office hours for any professor¬†last week,¬†these are a GREAT thing to go to because they’re designed for you. Also,¬†never be afraid to email a professor a question or inquire about any issues you’re having.¬†

Dealing with difficult teaching styles:

 -Take good notes

-Find a study buddy (someone you can ask questions about the class and hold study groups with)

-Email the professor to meet with them during office hours and bring specific assignments or aspects of the class that confuse you to your professor’s attention

-Visit the ASC!




Last week we had some great discussions in both ADVR workshops about Time Management, advising, on-campus jobs, and adjusting to college life in general. Thanks for a great week!

Please be sure to remember that our presentation on the Advisement and Registration process will be on October 20th for the GG cluster and October 27th for the HH cluster.

Freshman Advising Week: November 7-November 11

Freshman Registration: November 14

Should you have any questions about these before your ADVR workshop please feel free to email me ( or to paste your question as a comment to this post. THANK YOU!

CAB Events (9/28-10/8)

Wednesday, September 28th

Fall Fest : Survivor Tournament

Webb Hall Lawn @ 4 pm

Fall Fest: Drive-In Movie Horrible Bosses

Wood Support Services Lawn @ 9 pm

Thursday, September 29th

Fall Fest: Jersey Shore Lounge

Student Center, Betty Tipton Room @ 8:30 pm

Fall Fest: MTV World

Student Center @ 2 pm

Fall Fest: American Idol Pancake Breakfast

Student Center @ 8:30 pm

Any other information you may need can be found at CAB’s website!

Women’s Field Hockey against Plymouth State University

Saturday, October 1st @ the Mansfield Sports Complex

Women’s Field¬†Hockey against Daniel Webster ¬†

Saturday, October 12th @ 7 pm Mansfield Sports Complex

Men’s Soccer against Western CSU

Saturday, October 1st @ Mansfield Sports Complex

Men’s Soccer against Western New England College

Tuesday, October 4th @ WNEC

Women’s Soccer at Western CSU

Saturday, October 1st @ Western CSU

Women’s Soccer against Connecticut College

Wednesday, October 5th @ Mansfield Sports Complex

Women’s Soccer at Keene State

Saturday, October 8th @ Stanley Park, Westfield, MA

Women’s Volleyball: Crabtree Classic

Friday, October 7th beginning @ 4 pm in Geissler Gymnasium and Saturday, October 8th beginning @ 11 am

Men’s Cross Country: James Early Invitational

Saturday, October 8th @ Stanley Park, Westfield, MA

Wednesday, October 5th- John Mandelman on “Marine Bycatch”

3-4 pm

Science Building

Wednesday, October 12th- Jane Roberts on “A Human Right to Reproductive Health”

3-4 pm

Women’s Center in the Student Center


The Office of University Relations puts on thier annual Family Day event Saturday, September 24th from 10:30 to 4:00 this year! Bring your family for a day of food, musical entertainment, and great information about sports teams, studying abroad, internships, and so much more. Don’t miss out!

Tickets must be purchased by September 21st. The fee is $15 for adults and $5 for children under 12.

Check-in is from 10:30 to 1:30 on the Student Center Patio. All the other information and schedule of events can be found at the link posted above.

Wednesday, September 21th New Yorkers for Alternatives to the Death Penalty

3-4 pm

Wednesday, September 28th Razing a Privileged Conscious

3-4 pm


If these are something you’re interested in going to be sure to bring your experience up in class! Or comment right on this post!


Great job to all the particpants in the Scavenger Hunt! Most reported that it was helpful to find some events on campus and popular locations. And thanks to those who emailed me pictures!

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